Kosher Dairy Restaurant in Sunny Isles Florida

Asian Salmon Salad 26.95
Oven baked filet of salmon topped with sesame teriyaki sauce. Served over mixed green,
cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, corn and carrots.

Salmon 26.95
Fresh 8oz salmon filet baked with your choice of sauce (garlic lemon, honey garlic or sweet chili).
Served with your choice of two side dishes.

Blackened Salmon 28.95
9.5 oz seared seasoned salmon, served with mash potato and cooly sauce
(red roasted peppers, lemon, garlic, salt and pepper).

Salmon Dijon 28.95
Fresh marinated salmon with mustard dijon sauce breaded . Served with spicy
tomato salad, side of your choice and tartar sauce on the side.

Sea Bass 34.95
Oven baked chilean sea bass marinated with miso, soy sauce, fennel seeds, honey,
sesame oil and sweet chili sauce. Served with your choice of two side dishes.

Bronzino - MP
A Greek farm raised fish, served as as whole (fried or baked) with your choice of two side dishes.

Tuna Steak 29.95
Fresh seared tuna steak with creamy sauce (dairy), mustard, black pepper, soy and tabasco.
Served with rice mixed with peas and dill.

From The Fisherman (Fish of the Day) - MP
Fresh two pound whole fish, served butterflied and baked in garlic and lemon sauce.
Served with a mixed greens salad and french fries.

Song of the Sea (Fish of the Day) - MP
Fresh two pound whole fish, cut thick, fried with a blend of aioli lemon, spicy mayo,
mustard and sliced lemons. Served with a mixed green salad and french fries.

Moroccan Fish 22.50
Moroccan style Tilapia fish, served with white rice or cuscus and baguette.
Specialty - Choice of Grouper fish, served with white rice or cuscus and baguette. 27.50

Little Italy 24.50
Oven baked white fish, buttered with basil, parsley, garlic and mustard.
Served with gnocchi alfredo and a reduced balsamic reduction.

Fish And Chips 20.50
Breaded tilapia, fried. Served with french fries.

Neapolitan Grouper 29.95
9 oz Grouper fillet rolled and stuffed with roasted red peppers, onion and buffalo
mozzarella cheese. Served over potato gnocchi.

SOLE FISH Sole fish fried or baked. (price varies)
1 pound - $29.95 / 1.5 pound - $37.95 / 2 pound - $49.95 / 2.5 pound - $59.95
3.5 pound - $75.95 / 4 pound - $97.95
served with 2 glasses of wine (optional if available)

Side Dishes: White rice, green rice, french fries, creamy mashed potato,
roasted potatoes, steamed broccoli or a mixed green salad.

Extra Side Dishes: 5.95


Our creative chefs will customize your menu to accommodate any palate.

Our menu is diverse and features pastas, pizzas, fish, sushi, salads and more.  Please call for further details and arrangements for your next event.

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